Cypress Valley Event Center

Imagine saying “yes, I want to” on an incredible ceremonial platform suspended between two old cypresses, the stream whispers under your feet and your loved ones gather in a magnificent open-air amphitheater to attend the event. Dance the night away under the stars in our beautiful cliffside reception pavilion, then retreat to your romantic treehouse to share the perfect start to your happy life.

This is the place where your enchanted and magical weddings will come to life. Morning weddings are accompanied by birdsong, while evening weddings are enchanted by breathtaking sunsets and seasonal fireflies.

If you are looking for a place in nature and still want an elegant event — look no further. Cypress Valley offers you both and much more. Our ceremony platform is nestled between two magnificent cypresses above a spring-fed stream gorge with a stone amphitheater built into the slope of the canyon. After your ceremony, you and your guests can celebrate your union in our 3,000 square foot outdoor reception pavilion with stage, stage kitchen and bathrooms.

Wedding venue in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Cypress Valley offers you much more than an 8-hour window on a venue. You get the keys to the lock!

Host your rehearsal dinner on Friday night at our fantastic ranch house after you and your bridal party have rehearsed.

Let up to 30 of your family and friends spend the night in our 5 treehouses and our ranch on Friday and Saturday. Our treehouses have been featured in the NY Times, The Treehouse Masters TV show and dozens of other media outlets.
Access the wedding platform and the reception pavilion for 48 hours so that your installation and disassembly are relaxed.
Get ready for the day at the ranch house-the perfect bridal suite for you and your bridesmaids.
Accommodate up to 125 people during your ceremony and celebration!

And, of course, The main event Between majestic cypresses, which creates a ceremony like no other!

How to take care of unusual weddings

A Cypress Valley wedding is designed for couples who want their ceremony to be more than just a party. People travel around the world looking for a destination where their wedding can take place in a spectacular natural setting to create an incomparable experience. You will find this and much more in the Cypress Valley.

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