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A walk on another path… bohemian, ethereal and magical. I’m Kelly Graham, blacksmith and jeweler. I worked for master jewelers for about 10 years at the beginning of my career, and when the time was right, I took a big leap of confidence and created my own company. I wanted to pilot my own small ship and I decided to take another turn with my own designs and creations. 24 years after and I’m still here! I love creating ethereal and bohemian jewelry from my Muse and my heart; hence the ethereal and mystical quality that I hope you will enjoy as much as I like to do!

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Welcome to my bohemian and ethereal jewelry kingdom! I make and design wedding rings, pendants and necklaces, strong and feminine bracelet cuffs and beautiful neck TORCS inspired by leaves, forged with Celtic, Renaissance, elf and middle-earth motifs.

I bring a wide range of interests to my design skills by focusing on metals and stones that lend themselves to a more natural and organic feel, such as sterling silver, copper and semi-precious stones. The mixture of silver cast grains that I use is more resistant to tarnishing and is composed of alloys that rarely cause skin allergies. I am a one-person show, and all my pieces are steam cleaned and treated with gloves for extra protection.

I worked for 25 years as a master jeweler/blacksmith and I made each piece of jewelry in the way that I would be proud to wear it myself. Nothing is made in bulk. I design and create each one by hand, just for you!

“Absolutely perfect! She quickly responded to messages to answer my questions and worked with me to design my necklace so that it was perfect for what I needed. In addition to excellent customer service, my necklace was delivered much faster than expected.”

“Such a beautiful piece and made exactly to my specifications! I am 100% satisfied with the purchase and would definitely order with this supplier again.”

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