Photography of Jamie

I’m Jamie Y, and there’s a reason I’ve made photography such an important part of my life. I believe that a camera is the perfect tool to capture bright, colorful and deep moments of bright, colorful and deep people, and I have spent the last few years using my skills to do just that. My favorite motifs are couples and I am happy to preserve the love, the smile, the wink and the sparkling future that I see at the other end of my lens. Behind the camera, my style is calm, cool and collected, and I work to make my clients feel the same way by carefully guiding them through our recordings. With me, you never have to wonder where to look, when to smile or where to put your hands. I also believe that my job as a photographer is not just to take beautiful photos, but to do justice to the spirit of my subject — and that’s why I work to show exactly why they sway in every photo I take.

I currently live with my husband and my adorable offspring in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I love food, music – especially Indie Rock and Old School punk–and a chicken salad, double meat, with grilled vegetables from Chipotle almost as much as I love my camera.

How to take care of unusual weddings

I live by all the unique and personal details that make them unique and unusual. I offer simple packages and the willingness to work with you to give you exactly what you need.

I am open and tolerant to all beliefs and lifestyles.

Jamie was so happy to work with him. She can do everything: formal, traditional, nervous, Set featured imagefunny, open. She has an incredible ability and talent to use natural light. All my photos from our engagement and wedding meeting turned out fantastic. Use them…you will not contrition it!

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