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I’m starting an Email Newsletter called The Plant Ledger. Here’s what it is and why you should subscribe to it.

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As a journalist, I tend to keep an eye on developments in the media world; over the past year, I have noticed the rise of the newsletter. It reminded me of watching the rapid rise of the podcast in 2016 and 2017 as I was preparing to launch my houseplants Podcast on the ledge.

Now, newsletters arrive regularly in my inbox on various topics that interest me: some of my favorites are Just To Delight based on recipes by Bre Graham (Try my favorite, rice with roasted tomatoes and Feta with honey), freelance writing jobs by Sian Meades-Williams and Hotflash, a Newsletter about (peri-) menopause. Why was there nothing equivalent for the British indoor plant scene? As marketing emails from individual plant brands, large and small, proliferate, there has not been a single e-newsletter covering what is happening in the BRITISH houseplant industry, written by a journalist with years of experience.

So I decided to make one. As soon as I finished the manuscript for Legends of the Leaf, my next book of 25 iconic indoor plants, at the end of January 2022, I began to develop a Plan for the book of plants. The first issue will be published on March 11: it will first appear every two weeks and will be launched weekly if necessary. You can sign up here and receive my free detailed guide on action fungal midges as a thank you. You can of course register if you are not in the UK, but the focus will be on what is happening on these shores; store openings, closures and sales, new plant launches, controversies and rows, discount codes and events, and some tips and tricks along the way.

The Plant book is ad-supported, with opportunities for small plant businesses to book low-cost advertising to reach their primary target audience. There will also be opportunities for major brands to sponsor entire editions. (Interested in advertising? News.)

It’s an experiment: without a doubt, the book of plants will continue to develop along the way. What will not change is that you can count on high-quality content that will help you keep abreast of upcoming events and trends.

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